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May 20, 2009
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Oct 13, 2007, 11:14:12 PM
La farola by ElenaDudina La farola by ElenaDudina

Where am I? She found herself on the ground and she slowly looked around her. To her, the world had never looked this dark! And it had never smelled this way either! Why am I moving so slowly? she thought. And what are these appendages coming out of my body... there are only four of them! She moved fingers for the first time as she studied her surroundings with fear and surprise. She looked in front of her and saw The Giver Of All Life shining in the the distance at the top of the post. She looked anxiously at the light and she felt very alone.

A few seconds ago she had been a simple moth pressing against the glass trying to pay homage to the marvelous and mystical light. Now awkwardly she was trying to stand up as she looked back at her wings. The wings were softly beating in cadence with her emotions, but those wings were very different than the ones she remembered. They were now almost transparent and she was sure that there was no possible way they would support the flight for the amount of weight that her new body had.

A great panic and sadness began to grow within her and she felt some moisture accumulate in the corner of her eyes. These drops of liquid began to fall like rain to be absorbed by the ground in front of her new, strange feet. How could she pay homage to the light now?! Why had this happened to her? She covered her face in her hands and sobbed for a minute without knowing why her body was shedding water like that. Finally, she hardened her resolve and she made a decision to accept her new fate and to move forward. She dried her tears. If I can't fly, she thought, then I will show the Giver Of All Life through my movements that inside of this new body I exist with the same adoration as before. Slowly and hesitantly she began to move her arms and legs to the rhythm of the universe that only she could detect. Slowly and surely each motion became more fluid and elegant, until she became a flurry of movement. A calm washed over her body and she felt, at least for the moment, that she and the mystical light were united as one once again.

by =dkl78594 who´s wonderful imagination gives life to this work !!!

En Español

Dónde estoy? Ella se encontraba en el suelo y miró lentamente a su alrededor. El mundo nunca había parecido tan oscuro así! Y nunca olía así tampoco! Por qué mis movimientos andan tan lentos? Y cuáles son estos apéndices procedentes de mi cuerpo ... sólo hay cuatro de ellos! Se movío a sus dedos por la primera vez, y estudió todo alrededor con mucho miedo y asombro. Ella miró en frente de ella y vio El Dador De Toda Vida brillando en la distancia en la parte superior de un poste. Ella miraba ansiosamente a la luz y se sentía muy sola.

A pocos segundos atrás ella había sido una simple polilla presionando contra el vídrio tratando de dar homenaje a la luz mística y maravillosa. Ahora aquí estaba ella tratando de ponerse a pie mientras que miraba a sus alas. Las alas ondeaba suavemente ahora reaccionando a sus emociones, pero eran muy diferentes de lo que ella recordaba. Eran casi transparente ahora y ella estaba seguro de que no había manera de que podrían soportar un peso enorme como a su nuevo cuerpo.

Un gran pánico y tristeza empezaron dentro de ella y se sentía una humedad se acumular en las esquinas de sus ojos. Esas gotas de líquido empezaron caerse al suelo a sus pies estraños. Cómo puedo dar homenaje a la luz ahora? Por qué ha pasado esto a mí? Puso sus manos a la cara y lloró por un minuto sin saber por qué su cuerpo estaba goteando así. Finalmente, se endureció y hizo una decisión de seguir para adelante. Ella se secó a las lágrimas. Si no puedo volar, pensó, entonces voy a tener que mostrar a El Dador De Toda Vida por mis movimientos que dentro de mi existe el mismo amor que antes. Lenta y vacilante empezó a mover sus brazos y piernas al ritmo del universo, que sólo se enteró ella. Cada momento se hizo más fluido y elegante, hasta que se convirtió en un desenfoque de movimiento. Una calma se lavó a su cuerpo y se sintió, al menos por el momento, que ella y la luz estaban unidos otra vez de nuevo.

por =dkl78594 cuya maravillosa imaginación da vida a este trabajo !!!

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Model by *mjranum-stock
Background by ~lynel-stock
Background by ~The-Slinger
Streetlamp by ~Stock-Azzo
Wings by *cocacolagirlie
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From the Suggester: "I love La farola by =ELENADUDINA because even though I'm not a big fan of photomanipulation, every little detail on this piece is so perfectly in its right place. The theme seems simple but still keeps you staring at it. The whole atmosphere and the colors are so magical and calm." ( Suggested by Softdeath and Featured by JunkbyJen )
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